The Griffith Central Market- a big help to my business and a fun place to be.

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If you have read the about section of my website, you know that I started my business in 2013 after graduating from high school. The idea of my business didn’t start after I graduated from high school. My older sister got the idea form seeing autism artwork up at the lake county library, but we had one problem, we didn’t know how we would market my artwork. Then the summer of my high school graduation was the first summer of the Griffith Central Market.

I sell my pictures and products at the central market

The Griffith central market is something that I have really enjoyed ever since it started. When I set up my booth there I do good as long as the weather is nice. They also have great food and music there. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends there. The Griffith Central Market is every Friday from 4-10pm, May through September at central park in Griffith, IN. I set up my booth once a month and selling my pictures and products. See my events page for the next time I will be setting up my booth there.

They have great food

Now for some of my favorite vendors at the market. First is Bucks bbq. They sell delicious bbq food. One time a few years ago I was selling at the market and the owner of the booth decided to be nice and give me some free ribs. They sure good and I ended up buying more after that. There is Ladys Popcorn. Ladys Popcorn has a storefront in Griffith and get addition business by setting up a booth at the central market. They lots of good sweet, salty, and spicy flavors of popcorn. They have even been nice enough to donate popcorn to my social group for adults with disabilities called the nwi differentability club and let me put up one of my card dsplays at their store. There is also the grindhouse café. They also have a café in Griffith and get additional business with a food truck at the central market. They have good coffee and food. They also let me put up one of my card displays at their café. There is also sinfully delicious brownies. They sell lots of good brownies at the market including gluten free brownies. There is also Jill Maries Gelato. I definitely look forward to the gelato at the market. There is also Bens Soft Pretzels. If you like soft pretzels, the central market is a great place to get them. There is also South Shore Ovenworks Wood Fried Pizza. They have several kinds of pizza that are very good and they have gluten free pizza sometimes. There are many other great food and craft vendors there as well.


They Have great music


There is are also a lot of good bands that play at the central market. 2 bands play each week. They mainly play blues, rock, and country music. Some of the great bands and musicians that have played at the market are the J Johnson Blues Band, Nicole Jamrose, Michelle velez, Frank Ravoli, The Wise Guys, The Corey Dennison Band, The Rak Brothers, Got Issues, Jasion Jakes, and many more. The manager of the market has even been nice enough to let my do my music at the market before the featured music starts. I play rock, blues, and country music on my guitar and piano.




In the summer of 2013 I graduated from high school and Griffith put on the Griffith Central Market for the first time. I sell my pictures and products there and they have great food and music. I have also done my music there. The Griffith Central Market has been a big help to my business and is a fun place to be.

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