Are dinosaurs still alive today?

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In school you were taught that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago before humans existed. The truth is humans and dinosaurs lived together and there are still dinosaurs alive today.

Humans and dinosaurs lived together


At school they told you about the fossilized dinosaur bones and footprints that have been found, but what they didn’t tell you is they have found dinosaur footprints and human footprints fossilized right next to each other. There are old paintings of dinosaurs in caves, on cliff sides, and on old pottery. The bible even talks about dinosaurs. The book of job talks about a creature called a behemoth which sure does sound like a dinosaur. The bible doesn’t use the word dinosaur because the word dinosaur wasn’t made up until the 1800s. Before that they were called dragons. There are many stories all over the world about people killing dragons.


There are dinosaurs alive today

You are probably wondering, if humans and dinosaurs lived together then what caused them to go extinct. The answer is they didn’t. there are still dinosaurs alive today. There isn’t very many of them and they are not as big as the ones found fossilized. There is a verse in the bible that says that dinosaurs live in swamps. One they didn’t tell you in school is there is a huge swamp in Africa that is about the size a third of the united states. 80% of the swamp is unexplored because of the mosquitos. They are much worst there that they are here. There are natives that live on the edge of the swamp where the mosquitos aren’t as bad. If you talk to these natives about it they will tell you that there are dinosaurs in that swamp. They will tell you that they have heard them and seen them and they wonder they teach us here in America that they went extinct millions of years ago. There has also been dinosaur sightings in south America. Anyone who tells you that no one has seen a living dinosaur is wrong. They definitely didn’t ask everyone. No one has ever asked me if I have seen a living dinosaur. There are thousands of people who say they have seen a living dinosaur and that is just the reported sightings. I am sure there has been many more sightings that weren’t reported due to the fear of sounding crazy. Also reptiles never stop growing. I talked before about how the earth was different before Noah’s flood and how people lived for almost 1000 years. Just let a lizard live and grow for 900 years and I bet it would be very big.


Aquatic dinosaurs, the dinosaurs with flippers instead of feet.


At school they taught you that aquatic dinosaurs lived before the land dinosaurs and evolved into the land dinosaurs. They also taught you that Christopher Columbus discovered America. That is all wrong. The romans sailed to America before Columbus did and on these voyages there were reports of sea monsters commonly described as aquatic dinosaurs. Some of you may have heard about the loch ness monster. There is a lake called loch ness lake in Scotland. There has been many aquatic dinosaur sightings there since the road making it easily accessible was built. There has even been sightings as close to home as lake erie. The truth is we only know about 10% of our oceans. You never know what can be out there.


Pteradactyls, the bat like dinosaurs.


At school they taught you that pteradactyls, went extinct millons of years ago . They are also in the African swamp I mentioned before. The natives there will also tell you that the see pteradactyls and they are scared of them because they sometimes carry people away. There also be sightings of them in south America. There is even a story about a cowboy killing one in the us.


The leviathan, the fire breathing dragon.


You are probably thinking, come on James, do you don’t believe in fire breathing do you? I do and there are 4 good reasons for it. 1. The bible talks about them. 2. There are many stories all over the world about them. 3. There is fossil evidence to them. 4. It is actually possible for an animal to breath fire. There is a fire breathing beetle alive today. It has 2 compartments in their body where the chemicals are stored that allow them to breath fire. When they are offended, they release these chemicals which explode when they come together producing fire. T rex and some other dinosaur skulls have these compartments. Evolutionist say it is unknown what they are for, but creationist say it what allowed then to breath fire. The book of job talks about a creature called a leviathan. There are different theories for what the leviathan is. Some people say that is it a whale. I would say that that is wrong because the bible says that this creature has scales. Whales don’t have scales. A lot of people say that it is a sea creature. The bible say that this creature breaths fire which would be useless for a sea creature. To me it sounds like a fire breathing t rex, aka fire breathing dragon. One more interesting thing the book of job talks about that is good evidence that the bible is true is springs under the ocean. It wasn’t until the 1970s that scientists discovered springs on the ocean floor.




In school you were taught that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago before humans existed. The truth is humans and dinosaurs lived together and there are still dinosaurs alive today. There are many stories about people killing dragons, which are dinosaurs and the bible talks about them.

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