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James Lee Leslie is the sole owner and creative force behind Autistic Eye Art. James was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old.  He has always had a passion for the arts.  He started from a very young age drawing numerous pictures on his home computer. He made up a shape he called a “bolony” and drew many pictures of it on his computer. He would learn a song and then create up his own song by making beats with his mouth or on a little keyboard that belonged to one of his older sisters.

With a lot of hard work, determination, and support from those who love him, James graduated from Griffith High School with his Core 40 in 2013.  With seemingly insurmountable obstacles, achieving this goal was a major accomplishment for James.  From the challenges of being autistic to the challenges of a system made for the status quo, he rose above his disabilities to do what he knew he was capable of.

As time progressed, James continued to develop his talent for both visual and musical art.  Currently the majority of his spare time is spent either taking pictures or playing the guitar and piano. 

James is now at a crossroads in his life.  He is searching for the next path, overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. For now, however, he is happy with sharing his art and music with the world.  James takes pictures for himself; to capture a world that captivates him. 

We hope that it captivates you too.   Thank you for taking the time to check out the website!

Autistic Eye Art currently offers matted, framed prints, cards, bookmarks, unique gourd creations, garden signs, and mugs. James’ style shifts from soothing photographic landscapes to exact, and often jagged, digital renderings of his surroundings. Autistic Eye Art is on an ever ongoing quest to create new products and make improvements, so products can change as the business grows and matures.  The artwork featured is James’ original drawings, paintings, and photography.  Autistic Eye Art also has a blog with Articles from James’ perspective. 

James receives guidance and advice from family, but designs, assembles, and creates everything for Autistic Eye Art himself. From winter’s footprints, to the footprints in the sandy beaches of Indiana’s shoreline, we invite you to revisit the world through an autistic eye…

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August 2013: Autistic Eye Art Facebook page launches, called Puzzle Piece Photography at the time.

September 2013: Autistic Eye Art products become available for purchase for the first time at the Griffith Central Market. Only canvas prints at the time

November 2013: Business name is changed from Puzzle Piece Photography to Autistic Eye Art to prevent confusion with the Puzzle Piece Photography that already existed.

December 2013: Etsy store launches, calendars and greeting cards are added.

April 2014: Garden Signs are added.

May 2014: Matted Prints are added.

September 2014: 1st annual Bolony Fest,   A. E. A. anniversary celebration is held at the Griffith Central Market

November 2014: Greeting card displays go up at Griffith businesses

May 2015: Gourd birdhouses and necklaces are added

November 2015: NWI Differentiability Club Facebook group launches.

December 2015: First NWI Differentiability Club meeting is held at the SNAP Retail Store in Griffith, IN

January 2016: Autistic Eye Art Twitter page launches.

February 2016: is launches, Etsy store closes.

July 2016: Autistic Eye Art makes first parade appearance in the Griffith 4th of July Parade. 

February 2017: is changed to

May 2017: 15 oz mugs are added

June 2018: Autistic Eye Art Patreon page launches.

November 2018: Posters and wreaths are added

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Autistic Eye Art’s artwork and products have been sold/featured at:


Griffith Central Market, Griffith IN       Grindhouse Cafe, Griffith IN     

 Highland Indoor Market, Highland IN       Rockopelli, Highland IN     

SNAP, Griffith IN

Ben Mollin Hair Education, Griffith IN       Golf for Autism, Schererville IN     

Color Codes, Des Moines IA     

Angel Hair Cafe, Griffith IN

Highland Craft Fair, Highland IN       

Walk for Autism Speaks, Chicago IL       Country-A-Fair, Schererville IN     

Northern Indiana Autism Expo, South Bend, IN

Aut to run for autism, Hammond, IN       Lake County IN Library, Griffith and Highland branch     

Pokro Brewery, Griffith, IN     

Lady’s Popcorn, Griffith, IN

 Autistic Eye Art’s blog posts and/or promotional video have been shared/featured at: