Why we don’t need a “cure” for Autism and programs that you may not know about that has made my autism life better.

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In one of my top performing blog posts I talked about my frustration with being autistic and trying to have deep relationships with people, you can read it HERE, but, I would say that there are some aspects of having autism that are very unique and special, and should be cherished.

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My ability to enjoy nature

One great advantage to being autistic that I am thankful for is my ability to enjoy nature and notice the  beauty and even the smallest details, the lines of a leaf, the bumps on a gourd, and the sunsets and rainbows. Most people don’t seem to notice or care for the amazing things in nature that I do. A big reason that I have started my business is to share my gifts to learn music and art, and capture amazing photographs of nature. As a bonus, my autism helps me stand out from other artists and photographers.

It makes my blog stand out

One thing that is very unique about my blog is that it is actually by an autistic person. While there are many autism blogs out there, most of the ones that I have seen are ether by autism moms blogging about there life with there autistic kid or kids or by autism nonprofits. Actual autistic people blogging about their experiences is not something I see much of.

The special needs dances and Special Olympics

one thing that i am thankful for and that has made my autism life better is getting to enjoy the special needs dances and Special Olympics. Those things have made my post high school life a lot better. Doing those things would be weird if I wasn’t autistic. These things provide a good way for me to socialize and make friends with other people with disabilities. My autism makes it socialize and make friends with other people at regular events.

Free phone service from assurance wireless

Another autism advantage that i am thankful for is the free phone service from assurance wireless. If you or someone you know has a disability, you or they might be eligible for this. There is one down side to this service. That is, is isn’t as good at services like at&t or verison. You are very limited on your data and minutes. I get 350 minute per month, which isn’t very much if you talk on the phone a lot, but It has been fine for me. The only time that I have gone over my minutes was when I dated my ex girlfriend. She definitely liked talking on the phone with me. I also get 1 gb of data. Though the service isn’t super great, it still makes my life better since it is harder for me to get a job and make the money needed buy a good phone and have a good service. It also allows me to ride my bike to good places to take pictures and be able to call someone if I get hurt or something.

The six flag disability pass

One thing I like to do for fun is go to six flags. I especially like to go there when they do their fright fest for Halloween. Normally going to six flags would be stressful for me since most of my time there would be spent waiting in the lines to get on the rides, but thanks to me being autistic, I am able to get their disability pass which allows me to not have to wait in the lines. Also if I bring friends, they get the advantage too. That definitely makes my times there a lot better.

The national park disability pass

Normally it costs money to get into national parks, but thanks to me being autistic, I have a disability pass for that. That is good for my business since when it comes to good nature picture opportunities, nothing beats national parks.


While my autism brings me frustration with trying to make friends, there are also advantages to being autistic from my ability to enjoy nature to great programs that have helped me.

Are there any disability programs that has helped you or someone you know?