The Autistic Eye Art dream

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My 4 year Business anniversary has recently passed. Over the past 4 years I have sold at many events and started my website. Someday I hope to open a storefront for my business, preferably somewhere in downtown Griffith, Indiana, my hometown. Over the past 4 years I have shared a picture I drew of storefront for my business on the holidays. One thing I haven’t talked much about is what I would do with a storefront for my business. First, as you would expect, I would sell my pictures and products there, but I would do more than that. Since I play guitar and piano, I would do open mics and karaoke. Also I do a disability social group called nwi differenability club, which I would do meetings for that at a storefront for my business. Also I would do workshops to teach people how to do some of the cool art things I do. I would also do game nights and movie nights there. I would also allow other people to display there art there. i would also do guitar and piano lessons there. I would also get it so people with disabilities could work there and get paid by work one, which is a company that paid me when I worked at the SNAP store in Griffith. it would be a fun place to be and hopefully it would help other autistic artists get the word out about their stuff.

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SEPTEMBER 24, 2017

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