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In my blog post I released in December about my frustration with being autistic and trying to have deep relationships with people, I talked about how I started a social group for people with disabilities, called the nwi differentiability club after not having much a way to meet people after graduating from high school. One person that comes to my social group meetings sometimes is a girl named Alexis. Alexis isn’t someone I met through the social group. I knew her long before I started the social group through my sisters. Alexis doesn’t have a disability, but her son Adrian does. Adrians story is a neat and rare story. In the spring of 2013 alexis became pregnant with Adrian. About half way through her pregnancy she had an ultrasound done to see if he was a boy or a girl. She saw that he was a boy but also wasn’t growing like he should be and found that he had a heart condition. On January 17th, 2014 adrian was born. He was put on machines and the doctors told her that he would never be able to walk or talk and that he might not even be able to breath on his own. Unfortunately he did not weigh enough to have the surgery needed for his heart condition. After 6 weeks in the hospital he hadn’t grown much and the doctors still could figure out why he was born so small. The doctors told her that since he was still so small and wouldn’t have a good quality of life, they would not do the surgery. He was very alert and her gut was telling that the all the doctors were wrong, so she kept pushing the surgery and got multiple opinions form other hospitals, but she could find a doctor that would do the surgery. Adrian was than put in hospice care and the doctors told alexis that it would be a miracle if he lived past 2 days after being taken off of the machines. Luckily the doctors were wrong and after a few monts Adrian was still alive and making improvements. Alexis then had some genetic testing done and come to find that Adrian had a form of porimordial dwarfism. On February 13th, 2015 adrian finally had the heart surgery. After that alexis went to a dwarfism conference and came to fine that the doctors were also wrong about Adrian not being able to walk or talk. After the doctors saying that he wouldn’t have a good quality of life, he has had a great quality of life. He is always smiling and happy when I see him at my social group meetings. He was even walking around a lot at the last meeting that she brought him to. In January of 2017 adrian started preschool. To this day he is doing good and is very happy and healthy and hasn’t had a hospital stay since his heart surgery. After the doctor telling alexis that Adrian wouldnt live past 2 days after being disconnected from the machines, he will be turning 4 on January 17th. Adrian is definitely small for a 4 year old. I am glad to see that he is doing so good after all of the worries. I cant wait to see what his future holds. I look forward to seeing him at my future social group meetings. This story goes to show that doctors aren’t always right and trust what your gut tells you. Also I would say that this is some good evidence that god is real and is who he says he is. I would say that it is a miracle from god that Adrian is still alive and doing so good. If your want to learn more about Adrian, then check out the support Adrian facebook page.

Alexis at my 2016 birthday party

Me holding Adrian at one of my social group meetings at Twincade in Griffith,In.

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