The Broad Street Blues Fest, a dream that I didn’t think would come true

Not only am I good a photography and art, but I am also good at guitar and piano. My favorite kind of music is blues. One event that I look forward to every year is the Chicago blues fest. I have been going to the Chicago blues fest for many years. I have made so great memories there. After going to the Chicago blues fest for a few years, I started thinking that it sure would be great if my home town of Griffith put on a blues fest.


I didn’t think it would happen. Griffith was already doing their rock n rail fest and I figured that if Griffith added another festival, the chances of it being geared toward the blues would be low. Then a few years ago I got very excited when I when on facebook one day and saw a post saying that Griffith was going to do a blues fest and if that’s not exciting enough, they made it a 4th of july event


The actual name for this festival is the broad street blues and bbq fest. Every year they do it on the weekend of or before the 4th of july. They do it at central park, the same place that they do the Griffith central market every Friday through the summer. They have several good bbq vendors there. One vendor I like is big daddys bbq. They also sell at the Griffith central market. There are also several good blues bands that play there. One band I am looking forward to this year is li led. He played at the Chicago blues fest before and was good. They also do fireworks there. This is definitely something that I look forward to every year. It has made the 4th of july a lot more fun for me.


The blues fest rainbow last year

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