Field of hearts and the groundhog day blizzard of 2011

Today is groundhog day, which marks 7 years since the groundhog day blizzard of 2011. The winter of 2010-2011 was a very memorable winter for me. Christmas of 2010 was a white Christmas for my area and getting snow that chrismas eve made for the perfect sight to wake up to on a christmas morning. Later that winter came the groundhog day blizzard of 2011, which that and our crazy lake effect snow in January on 2014 was the craziest snow that I have seen in my area. A few days before the storm, I looked up the weather and I was surprised when I saw that we were supposed to get 2 feet of snow. On the evening of February 1st 2011, it started snowing. This storm was strong enough for there to be a blizzard warning, which dosent happen very often in my area. It snowed like crazy until after I went to bed that night. The next day was groundhog day and when I got un it wasn’t snowing any more, but there was a lot of snow on the ground. My front porch and flowerbed next to it were buried in a drift of snow. The snow was not over yet. Not long after coming outside and taking pictures of the snow, a band of very heavy lake effect snow came through. The snow was so heavy that I could barley see anything. We got an about additional 6 inches of snow in a very short time. After that the snow was over. I was in high school at the time and it snowed so much that my school was canceled for 3 days. That is very unusual. As you already know it was getting close to valentines day. When we have a good amount of snow on the ground on or near valentines day I like to make snow hearts by walking in the snow in a field by my house. The 2 feet of snow on the ground made for a perfect time to do that. After making the hearts I took pictures of them. My field of hearts picture that I have for the thumbnail picture for this article is one of the pictures I took after making my snow hearts in the snow from the crazy snowstorm. Unfortunately after the 3 fun days of off school, we had to make up those days since despite how crazy the storm was, it wasn’t crazy enough for us to be under a state of emergency. Lucky for me I am one who likes snow, so it was exciting for me to get all of this snow. That is my experience with the groundhog day blizzard of 2011.


The start of the groundhog day blizzard of 2011 on the evening of february 1st 2011.


The crazy lake effect snow on groundhog day 2011.

field of hearts.jpg

my snow hearts i made after the groundhog day blizzard of 2011


my house after the groundhog day blizzard of 2011


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