Squarespace- thank you for our beautiful website

In September of 2013, I started my business by selling my pictures at the Griffith central market. One thing I wanted to do with my business was start a website. One problem I had was I knew nothing about starting a website. I didn’t know where to start.  After the first central market season ended I got my online ball rolling by opening an Etsy store. Unfortunately I didn’t get much sold on my Etsy store and I couldn’t do nearly as much with it as I could my own website. About a year after starting my business, my older sister met someone that did websites. She asked her if she would make a website for me. She said she would. She then started on it and what she started  looked good. Unfortunately she became too busy to work on my website because of fighting with the school to get the help that her autistic son needed, which I can understand that after what my mom went through to get the help I needed in school. After waiting for a while, I gave her the money for what she had done and moved on. Later on a friend of mine who also has a photography business told me that she was using blue domain to do her website and that she was happy with it, so I tried that. Her business is called white harvest photography if you want to check it out. I looked at blue domains templates at they had some nice ones. One thing that was nice about the templates is they were geared toward photographers. The way that starting a website worked with them is you would place your template order and then they would sent you what you needed to get started. I placed my order and should have received what I needed the next day, but I didn’t. a few days went by and I still didn’t receive what I needed to get started, so I emailed them and asked them what was going on and they didn’t respond. Finally after 2 weeks, they responded and sent me what I needed. At that point I was very irritated with then and even my family agreed that I should not do business with them, so I told them that I wanted my money back. Getting my money back was a big hassle, but thanks to Paypals protection I was able to get it back. While they had such a hard time sending me what I needed to get started and giving me my money back, they had no problem taking my money. I looked at their reviews and saw that they had almost all bad reviews complaining about similar problems to mine. After that I did a Google search for the top website builders. After comparing several website builders and getting my family’s opinions on them, I decided to go with Squarespace, which I am still using to this day. The first thing I liked about Squarespace is unlike blue domain, I didn’t have to wait for them to send me what I needed to get started. What I needed was right there on their website. Also I didn’t have to pay right away. They let you do a 1 month free trial to see how you like it before you pay. Blue domain didn’t do that. One concern that some people have with starting a website is not knowing computer code. On Squarespace it is easy to build a website without knowing code. As far as their customer service goes, I having needed to contact them very much since if I have a question about something, chances are I can figured it out using they many guides that they have written out. There has been a few times that the guides didn’t cut it and I needed to contact them. All of the times I have contacted them, they have responded very quickly and have been very helpful. I have also been able to have everything on my website that I wanted to have. I you are looking to start a website, I would say that Squarespace is a great way to go.



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