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A little over 6 years ago on september 6th 2013 my booth went up for the first time at the griffith central market and I made my autistic eye art facebook page. I offer framed prints, greeting cards, bookmarks, garden signs, garden rocks, gourd necklaces, and gourd birdhouses. please let me know If you have any questions regarding my products or customer appreciation day, I’m happy to help. Thank you for supporting a small business and an autistic artist.

I have always had an artistic passion. From a very young age I would make thousands of pictures on my home computer. I would figure out how to play songs by ear. I would make up my own songs by making beats with my mouth or on a little keyboard that belonged to one of my older sisters. As time, and my talents progress, I continue to develop my visual and musical art. Most of my spare time is spent taking pictures or playing guitar and piano.

I had a very memorable high school career. I did my music in the talent shows and I took many great pictures during the school field trips and other school events. one of my favorite high school memories was the school dances. I had a date for every dance. one thing I didnt like about high school was the homework. I spent hours a night doing homework.

After all my hard work and help from the people who love me, in may of 2013 I graduated from Griffith High School with a Core 40. Achieving this goal was a major accomplishment. To celebrate I put on a graduation party. I did my music and other fun stuff. After the graduation fun was over came the big question, what am i going to do with my life. With the money I made off of my graduation, I started my business. On september 6th, 2013 I started selling my pictures at the Griffith Central Market. I didn’t think i would get any pictures sold that day. I guessed that I would be just giving out business cards, but I ended up having beginner’s luck. I got 5 canvas prints sold.

In the past 4 years my business has come a long way. I like to take pictures of the often overlooked beauty of nature around us. I have taken many pictures from the winter snow to the summer thunderstorms. I am hoping to make enough money to buy some nice photography gear. just imagine what my pictures would look like with a really nice camera. At first the name of my business was Puzzle Piece Photography. I Started out just selling canvas prints. After the first central market season ended I changed the name to Autistic Eye Art because there was already a business called Puzzle Piece Photography. I didn’t want people buying from them thinking they were buying from me. Then I opened my Etsy store for people to buy my products online. My Etsy store is no longer open because I now have my website. Then I started selling mat prints, cards, garden signs, and garden rocks at the Highland Indoor Market. On February 14, 2016 I started my website. This central market season I started selling mugs. I sell my products on my website, the Griffith Central Market, and other events. The Griffith Central Market is a farmers market at Central Park in Griffith, Indiana. it is every Friday 4-9 PM, May through August. I set up my booth on one Friday of every month weather permitting.

Someday I hope to open a storefront for my business, preferably somewhere in downtown Griffith, Indiana, my hometown. Over the past 6 years I have shared a picture I drew of storefront for my business on the holidays. One thing that I  talked about in last years business anniversary post is what I would do with a storefront for my business. As i said in last years business anniversary post, First, as you would expect, I would sell my pictures and products there, but I would do more than that. Since I play guitar and piano, I would do open mics and karaoke. Also I do a disability social group called nwi differenability club, which I would do meetings for that at a storefront for my business. Also I would do workshops to teach people how to do some of the cool art things I do. I would also do game nights and movie nights there. I would also allow other people to display their art there. i would also do guitar and piano lessons there. I would also get it so people with disabilities could work there and get paid by work one, which is a company that paid me when I worked at the SNAP store in Griffith. it would be a fun place to be and hopefully it would help other autistic artists get the word out about their stuff. Also before i have mentioned that Tinkers Attic in Highland, In, one of the places that i do my open mic music at, is a good example the storefront that i would like open for my business someday. Earlier this year they expanded to selling food. Selling food is something may be necessary for a storefront for my business to have success. One that i havent talked about when it comes to opening a storefront for my business is when am i looking at opening it. I do not plan on opening a storefront for my business anytime soon. It is something that i am looking at doing later in life. There are other goals that i would like to accomplish before i do it. For one, i will need to raise my income. Running a storefront will cost me a lot more money than running my website and setting my booth up at events. Also if i am going to go to collage, i would like to complete that before i try to open a storefront for my business. If you want to see me open a storefront for my business some day, Supporting me on Patreon and of course buying my products is a great way that you can help make that happen. If you have any questions regarding my business or website feel free to contact me. 

I am thankful for my business and the great gift god has given me. I would not be in the position I am in if it weren’t for all the people who have taken the time to check out my work and encouraged me to continue my artistic efforts. For that i offer a special thank you to every single person who takes an interest in my art and spends their hard earned money on my products. Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and going to my events. It is very much appreciated. If you have any questions regarding my business or website feel free to contact me. I take pictures for myself; to capture a world that captivates me. I hope it captivates you too.

© James Leslie – Autistic Eye Art-The world through at autistic eye.
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